“Public Interest” in Parliament?

Faced with corruption in the court system and in the legal system and with the evidence I presented the matter for our elected officials, those trusted with maintaining the public trust in our democratic institutions.

Two pieces of evidence were intriguing in their implications: A failure in the rule of law throughout the legal system and then into the political system

Lawyers above the law: The BC Law Society refused to discipline a lawyer who had not complied with a court order to produce monthly copies of a trust account.
A claim of Absolute Power: The Canadian Judicial Council claimed that Judges have discretion in their acceptance of the best evidence any Canadian could provide, their official record, the transcript and refused to permit the legitimate check on their discretion by Parliament.

Legal Dictatorship which leads to Executive Dictatorship and a failure to maintain the public trust.

I wrote and informed the United Nations Human Rights Tribunal that given this evidence I had no rights in the Canadian Legal System.

I served the Federal Deputy AG’s office following the procedure for service on the Crown and following the terms of s 24(1) The Enforcement Procedure of the Charter I requested that the MOJ report the matter to the only “court of competent jurisdiction” to resolve the matter, which is Parliament.

The removal of a Judge can only be accomplished by Parliament s 99 of the Constitution. “Judges hold office during ‘good behavior'”

I received no response. A breach of the Charter. Failing to respond to the enforcement procedure can hardly be said to be acting “in good faith” which is a legal requirement. What larger breach could there be? If you cannot enforce the constitution what value has it?

I wrote to the Parliamentary Ethics Commissioner and they accepted my complaint that the MOJ David Lametti was improperly protecting lawyers and judges instead of his duty, to protect the public and ensure that the administration of justice was in compliance with the law.

I wrote to the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the PMO acknowledged receipt and forwarded to the Minister of Justice, who several months later did respond, but made false and misleading statements regarding his duties but when I responded with corrections I received no further response. I contacted the PMO again and acknowledging the Public Safety concern they forwarded the matter to the Minister of Public Safety Marco Mendocino, who never responded.

The Liberal Party held a minority government in the House of Commons, Governor General Mary Simon had some power to enforce the Constitution dealing with a minority government where she is NOT obliged to accept the legal advice of the MOJ however I never received a reply and the NDP-Liberal confidence and supply agreement was in place the next month, the GG was now obliged to accept the advice of the PM/MOJ.

When I reported that the MOJ was failing to respond to a Charter complaint to have judicial conduct examined by Parliament and provided them a copy of my Charter complaint, they wrote, “any future communications…unless solicited…will not be reviewed and will be destroyed…” It had a “chilling effect”. I had requested on numerous occasions for assurance for my personal safety from the PM, MOJ, Judges but have never received anything but further efforts at intimidation.

The people of Canada and the world were in the middle of the Covid Pandemic with mandatory lockdowns and pressure was being applied on people to vaccinate or lose their jobs. The PM infamously stated,
“There is still a part of the population fiercely against it. They don’t believe in science or progress and are very often misogynistic and racist…They take up some space…This leads us, as a leader and as a country, to make a choice: DO WE TOLERATE THESE PEOPLE“.
The “Freedom Convoy” driving and protesting in Ottawa made International news.

Trudeau declared a Nationwide Emergency and invoked the Emergencies Act which led to the compulsory Emergencies Act Inquiry to determine the legality and necessity of the Cabinet’s decision. I submitted these documents which were never presented for examination but were acknowledged as being received, including the RCMP National Division which has the “mandate to safeguard and investigate significant threats to Canada’s political, economic and social integrity” concerning complaints about “federally elected members of Parliament.”

I wrote to my Member of Parliament, Leader of the Official Opposition Party Pierre Poilievre, Shadow Minister of Justice Rob Moore, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh to inform them of the legal and political situation but received no response. I also submitted this brief to the Parliamentary Committee on the status of women, including discussion on “toxic masculinity”. I mostly submitted the brief to figure out why some brief’s were not being published which seemed undemocratic, but the parliamentary staff were always helpful.

I wrote by email and registered letter all of the Premiers of the Provinces to keep them informed and a week later they requested a meeting with the PM to discuss “health care funding” which a month later did occur and the Provinces got some promises of increases to their budget but I received no replies except one from the SK MOJ with the usual excuse, “they do not provide legal advice to the public.”

A petition from the People of Canada regarding the Judges Act sponsored by Green Party MP Jenica Atwin was never presented to Parliament despite over 2,000 signatures. She crossed the floor less than 2 months after receiving my letter, after being approached by the Liberal Party. A second petition e-3848 was only able to generate less than 1,000 signatures was sponsored by MP Alexandre Boulerice of the NDP and presented to Parliament on April 18th, 2023 and requires a response by June 2nd.

Bill C-9 to amend the Judges Act was debated in the House of Commons Committee on Justice and Human Rights with a small portion of my brief before them and my request to appear in person ignored. The full brief is here. The Bill was adopted on Dec 9th, 2022 with ALL members of Parliament voting for a bill that provides Canadians zero rights, and moved to the Senate. I notified CSIS on Dec 29th, 2022 of the threat to Canada’s national security due to the ongoing breach of our governing agreement, the Charter. An illegitimate Government. A failure in the legitimacy of the Judiciary compromises the entire Public Service, who do you turn to if the Government turns on you? and the Judiciary too.

I wrote to every member of the Senate and to the Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs for the consideration of the Committee but it was never posted however after some correspondence with a clerk of the Committee my submission with recommendations for the Judicial Conduct process was placed on the Senate website.

I responded to Senator Dalphond’s twitter feed and corrected comments regarding the extent of the public consultation process ( one tweet on a Friday afternoon, before a long weekend ) and the post was subsequently deleted. My Twitter account was unstable and disconnected for about 24 hours subsequent. I followed the debate at the Senate by video and learnt a lot about politics and the subtle art of the protection of private interests by those with the duty to hold the public trust.

The Bill passed through committee with some amendments proposed by Senator Batters regarding citizen involvement but also including a right of judicial appeal to the Federal Court so anyway you cut it Judges will Judge Judges to protect their own and the public will be denied any protection, by design, by the Minister of Justice in consultation with the Judges, without consideration of the failure to protect of the public interest and fully informed.

Debate continues. Judicial Dictatorship on the line. NSICOP, Executive fully informed. House of Commons fully informed. Senate Fully Informed, GG fully informed. The Public, largely in the dark. Trusting? The PM starts saying Canadians must “believe” in the democratic institutions after I wrote this letter.

I wrote to the Speaker of the House of Commons and Parliamentary Committee on Procedure and House Affairs informing them that I would be serving every member of the House following the procedure of the enforcement procedure of the Charter to ensure their compliance with the Constitution. The Speaker responded by letter denying any power and involvement, the House Committee did not. The foreign interference scandal erupted shortly after and I decided to wait for the best timing before continuing.

There is a constitutional crisis, a failure in the legitimacy of the Executive and the Judiciary. Claims of absolute power and unreviewable discretion. The claims of dictators. The question of course is, what do we do?
Citizens of Canada you need to inform yourself, share information, write to your Member of Parliament, Vote, solve disputes without using lawyers or the courts…be better citizens.

Request from everyone in the Public Service statements on their source of authority and jurisdiction as the Charter is our Constitution and all claims of State Power must be in compliance with that governing document, which they can’t claim because Canada is in breach. The Public Service has no legitimacy because the Courts are the head of the Public Service and the Judiciary are claiming not to be bound by their official documents, like a bank claiming not to be bound by their bank statements.

Still no media presenting this story despite my heavy involvement reporting this story on Twitter @ruleoflawcanada
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