Parliamentary Committee on Justice & Human Rights

To: Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights <[email protected]>

September 20, 2022

Via email: [email protected]

Randeep Sarai, M.P.
Chair, Justice and Human Rights Committee
House of Commons
Sixth Floor, 131 Queen Street
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6

Dear Mr. Sarai:

Re:  Bill C-9, Judges Act amendments

There are some very serious problems facing the administration of Justice which affect all Canadians.
Parliament is failing in its role as a check on the powers of the judiciary. The legitimacy of the Public Service and the Executive, the Crown Prosecution Service, the RCMP, and the ethical integrity of the MOJ/AG in a Democracy.

I have previously submitted comments to this committee in 2021 but a clerk of this committee saw fit to delete the comments from being submitted which is decidedly undemocratic. A single public servant preventing the legitimate debate before the People’s House is an affront to Canadians and Parliament and effects the integrity of the Public Service, Ministerial and MP responsibilities. It is also probably illegal as an obstruction of justice.

I have attached the comments that I previously submitted which include both a problem with the judiciary claiming absolute power – that their word is above the law and not subject to the Charter, our governing agreement and constitutional law as well as a failure to comply with the open court principle – the CJC should be subject to the FOI Act as currently it is not despite the CJC claiming transparency and accountability in its propaganda statements.

I also add the basics of two constitutional questions that I placed before the BC Court of Appeal for their information regarding the failure of the Judges Act to provide sufficient safeguards for the public in the discipline of federal judges. There is NO protection for the public in the process and NO rights for the public in the forum. The second constitutional question addresses the problem of how that might have come to be, which is the failure for Parliament to maintain the integrity of the doctrine of the separation of powers in its membership requirement for Parliament and the Senate including ex-judges and lawyers in the People’s House.

I am currently before the Court and the problems that I present are causing problems for the integrity of the justice system including Judges, Crown Prosecution, the AG/MOJ, GG’s office, and the PM’s office. Urgent political steps are urgently required. I attach my correspondence with the PM’s office, and the Parliamentary Ethics Commissioner regarding the conduct of the MOJ refusing to respond to the enforcement procedure of the Charter improperly protecting lawyers and judges obstructing justice.

This matter is in the public domain at and I am active on Twitter @RuleofLawCanada

I am available for assistance in the resolution of this matter. I know the seriousness of this matter and the delicacy required for proper resolution. The time to solve this problem is now because the integrity of the justice system and the public’

s confidence is seriously strained. Based on the evidence, there is zero trust. It is time to restore the breach in the Charter.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Trevor Holsworth

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Form 2 – appeal for SRL – completed&stampedJune9th2022 by registry.pdf

My brief was published on November 17th 2022 to the Parliamentary Committee on Justice and Human Rights.