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Practice for Open Mic Night in my local community, presenting my story of a failure in the rule of law in the Canadian legal system, the illegal enforcement of the Emergency Act and the Appeal at the Federal Court. with help from John Prine and Pete Seeger

On July 1st 2021 this article was published in our local paper The Valley Voice disclosing my experience with a failure in the rule of law throughout the Canadian legal system.

On July 16th 2021 I attended the Nakusp Court for a trial on a failure to provide income tax statements to CRA for the purposes of presenting a failure in the rule of law.

Unfortunately the mother of our children used this opportunity to abuse me in the legal system knowing that I would have no protection as the law society had protected a lawyer not complying with a court order to provide monthly trust account statements AND a judge protected a lawyer writing a fraudulent court order by calling the Plaintiff to the stand to lie to protect her lawyer committing fraud instead of just correcting the court order to reflect what was ordered on the transcript.

We signed a separation agreement, although as I had no reasonable ability to enforce anything in the court I just accepted whatever the mother wanted, repayment of some debts owed over 7 years and child support of $200 p.m.
On XX the court increased my child support from $200 to $2600 p.m. I did not attend the court and the judge ruled in my absence. The court also ruled that the mother would have primary care over the children from October 1st to April 1st due to my work in the backcountry alleging challenging communication. Her lawyer advised her that given the evidence presented it would be unlikely that I would attend.

Who would submit themselves to that level of judicial abuse? To ignore everything that any Canadian could provide including the official record of trial, the transcript. How fair and impartial is that? NOT AT ALL. The judiciary suggested that I attend court voluntarily and dispute the order but under the express direction from the BC Court of Appeal that my arguments were “conspiracy theories” and that my lived experience in the legal system do “not reflect reality”. Except that they do and the Judiciary provided no evidence at all to support their position. The implication is I attend court and they ignore everything I say and do anything they want including ordering an increase in child support or altering custody and I would be powerless to prevent it. That is the problem of absolute power and absolute unreviewable discretion and why it is unacceptable particularly when the evidence suggests extreme bias toward a lawyer with the plaintiff against an unrepresented male father.
…That the judiciary approves of the conduct of a judge who when presented with evidence of fraud by a lawyer on a court order protect the lawyer with the plaintiff’s testimony and prefer that over the best evidence any Canadian could provide, the official court record, the transcript.
Clearly, I would have zero rights in this forum.

This was one of the first hearings on the child support issue. The lawyer quit work and quit being a lawyer within the week.

This is the “trial” that landed me in jail for 80 days.

This is my first experience with Justice Sicotte in regards to my initial protest July 16, 2021

This is part of my experience in jail

This is my complaint regarding the conduct of the judge. not from the trial but prior to that.

work in progress.