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Dear Sir-Madam,

It was of course inspiring to visit your website to find out more about the quality education that is provided to our judges

I was particularly fascinated to view the topic on

Judicial education:

  • Promotes and upholds respect for the rule of law and Charter values
  • Sustains mutual understanding in an increasingly diverse world
  • Supports judicial independence
  • Expands the pool of knowledge and experience available to judges, fosters dialogue, and offers a diversity of perspectives that strengthens judicial reasoning and decision making
  • Is essential to the effective administration of justice — thereby preserving public confidence in our courts

Naturally you must be fully informed on the conduct of judges through the Canadian Judicial Council complaints since they would assist you in the understanding the topics of concern for Canadians in their understanding of Judicial Conduct. For me it was particularly enlightening to read the letter that I received from the Canadian Judicial Council in response to a complaint that I made regarding a Judge who, when I presented the transcript of trial to refute what a lawyer had written in a court order where I was not permitted to approve as to form, called up the plaintiff and asked her what she heard the judge say 6 months prior and he preferred that testimony to the official transcript. I thought it was a lot like the police planting evidence to frame someone. The CJC was pretty clear to me that this was not a matter of judicial conduct, this was a matter of judicial discretion. It is nice to know that Judges dont have any duties whatsoever, that there is no evidence that is beyond their ability to judge and that our Judges fully understand our `Charter Values` such as fundamental justice and the promote and respect the `RULE OF LAW`.

I can see how it promotes judicial independence as they RULE with the power of the GODS. Please inform me when a judges actions could possibly be wrong. It`s nice to know that currently they have Papal Infallibility.

I am somewhat confused how this education is essential to the effective administration of justice – thereby preserving public confidence in our courts.

Unfortunately at this time the Federal Courts are ruling outside their Charter values as they are not judging according to fundamental justice because they claim to have arbitrary power to accept or reject every conceivable piece of evidence that can be presented to them. I have called upon the Parliament to control the judiciary and repair my Charter of Rights ( as well as every other Canadian ). Although perhaps if the initiative came from within, there may some chance to repair this reputation, however it does seem that denial is the legal professions primary position. I understand that is your choice.

I do hope this expands the pool of knowledge and experience available to Judges. Unfortunately the CJC did not see this as fostering dialogue as they either refused to communicate or called my communication abusive. They also refused to respect my freedom of Information request even though on their website they profess to being transparent. I do hope that this diversity of perspectives will strengthen judicial reasoning and decision making. Unfortunately at this time Canadian Courts are operating outside of their jurisdiction as the courts and judges are bound by the Charter of Rights which states in s7. that they must offer fundamental justice.

I am concerned however that more than 20 countries now see Canada as a chief architect of their legal stability and reform. From Peru, Vietnam, and Chile, to Jamaica and Ghana and the Ukraine. I have made a complaint to the United Nations Human Rights Board regarding the conduct of Canadian Judiciary and their acceptance of arbitrary justice. This will probably be a problem for the involvement of the judiciary in international work is grounded in its reputation for being socially aware, ethical and progressive. But bringing it back to Canada how are we as Canadians supposed to trust Judges in our family, commercial and other legal dealings when our Judges cannot even understand the simple concept of priority of evidence and the rule of law and

Our Charter of Rights. Or perhaps our Judges years of training as a lawyer and the culture of cheating and deceit have made them totally unsuitable to perform as Judges.

Your response will be most fascinating reading.

I remain yours faithfully,

Trevor Holsworth

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Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Trevor Holsworth