Protest and Gathering evidence through BC Court System

The BC Law Society declined to discipline a lawyer who admitted in writing to failing to comply with a court order to provide monthly trust account statements.
When requested to provide written reasons for their decision as they are required by their governing Statute they refused to do so, failing their duty to protect the public, compromising their monopoly on the provision of legal services which Parliament provides the law society.

The Canadian Judicial Council refused to investigate a Judge who claimed judges had a discretion in their acceptance of the official court record, the transcript. I had made a complaint of a judge who had called upon the Plaintiff to perjure herself, to protect her lawyer committing fraud on a court order which I had proved by presenting the judge with the transcript and preferred the plaintiff’s perjury to the transcript.
Letter from Judicial Council PDF
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“Using the Income Tax Act as a method of exposing abuses of the rule of law is a time honoured method of protest used by Robin Hood, Henry David Thoreau, Gandhi, the Women’s Tax Resistance, Jesus Christ, Magna Carta, & the unfortunate results of the French & American revolutions”

Provincial Court of B.C. July 16th, 2021
The Canada Revenue Service through the RCMP served me with a notification alleging that I had not complied with the Income Tax Act and threatened imprisonment unless I attended court. I informed the court of the problem presented by the CJC’s letter as it affected my security of the person and pled Not Guilty. This was published in the local paper on Canada Day July 1st, 2021 to provide the public notice of my argument before the Court.
The Judge did listen to my argument regarding the failure of the courts to dispense “fundamental justice”, and a “fair and impartial” trial.
Notice of Constitutional Question – regarding legality of s 238 of the Income Tax Act AND that Minister of Justice obstructing justice and failing to respond to the enforcement procedure of the Charter. Judge tried very hard to avoid ruling on the 1st constitutional question preferring instead to skip that question even at the expense of bringing up the 2nd question.
No Canadian will believe that Judges, who claim a right to ignore everything I say, despite the best evidence, the transcript, would treat me fairly or impartially. Particularly when I’m reporting criminal activity within the legal system.

Decision: I was ignored and found guilty. $1,000
Letter to the Valley Voice July 31st Post Provincial Court Trial

Supreme Court of B.C. Dec 10th, 2021
I appealed the decision as my Charter Rights had been largely ignored and the two Constitutional Questions had not been answered at all.
In Nelson on December 3rd, 2021, I presented the story of my abusive experience in the Justice system detailing a failure in the rule of law and requested a writ of mandamus, an order upon the Minister of Justice to comply with his Ministerial Duty – to protect the public and ensure that the affairs of government are in accordance with the law. Which they are not, since he is not responding to the enforcement procedure of our Constitution.
Appeal To Supreme Court – If federal judges have a discretion to accept or reject the transcript then doesnt that make the Appeal arbitrary and contrary to the Charter of Rights?
Before the Court
Appeal Notice
My Appeal Argument
Crown’s Defense to my Appeal
My speech to court on Dec 3rd, 2021 or pdf
Ruling at Supreme Court in Nelson on May 10th, 2022
Decision: mistrial as judge failed to advise me I had “due diligence” defense but deemed everything else I said “irrelevant”

Right of Appeal to B.C. Court of Appeal
I presented my argument requesting that Parliament check the legitimacy of the Judiciary’s behavior
Link to BC Court of Appeal Originating Document
Transcript from Court of Appeal Right to Appeal Hearing before Justice Newbury
BC Court of Appeal – Justice Newbury’s decision
Decision: Right to Appeal denied, my experience “does not reflect reality” although provided no evidence to support her opinion.

Mistrial at B.C. Provincial Court
The CRA had laid charges on me personally as well as my company. I took my right to split the cases in two and have them heard separately. I attempted to speak again but the Court refused to allow me to speak on anything that the Court had earlier deemed “irrelevant” on the principle of res judicata that the matter had been heard and judicially decided. I brought up the issue of judicial independence and asked the Judge where is authority derives from and the limits of his jurisdiction which he declined to answer so I left and they continued.
Decision: Guilty once again. $1,000

Abuse of Process and Appeal at B.C. Supreme Court

I had extensive evidence of abuse of process and the Court assumed authority to ignore everything I said, all the evidence that I could present and refused to permit the examination of the limits of their discretion to be examined by the only court of competent jurisdiction, Parliament.
Highlights of Transcript

Decision: Denied.
Reasons for Decision by Justice Lyster – delivery of written reasons delayed from hearing date of May 4th 2023 until July 25th a couple days after I published the transcript…

B.C. Court of Appeal for right to appeal

The ramifications are fairly severe at this time as the Court is holding to their claim of absolute power and refusing to permit review of that discretion and refusing to hear anything that I have argued before. I would have been surprised if they had submitted so easily, it’s easier to keep digging a hole that fill it in and build it properly. I did label the system as a protection racket as they are not complying with the rule of law.
However it does pose a significant hurdle to deal with FMEP who are threatening me with Jail because I have been unable to access a fair and impartial tribunal to resolve the matter of the mother of my children changing my child support from $100 to $3600
I was mostly collecting evidence and going through the correct channels whilst communicating with Parliament.

Unfortunately the mother of our children decided to attempt to abuse me through the Court system and aided in that effort by her lawyer and the administration of justice in BC. Bringing the administration of justice into disrepute. They are currently threatening me with 8 days of jail unless I submit to their demands for money, and fully informed of the problems with their legitimacy. Might is right?

My proposal for reform of the Judicial Conduct Process