2 thoughts on “Back to the Evidence

  1. Michael Post author

    The system is clearly rigged to prevent – or at least severely deter – any challenge to the tremendous authority and leeway given to judges, particularly in the family law arena. Some of this is understandable, given the extremely trying circumstances in which judges must operate, and given the stakes and emotions involved. In my experience, however, most judges behave as though they possess extremely sensitive egos, and react with visible anger at the slightest suggestion that they may not be in a position to act impartially, may have misunderstood some aspect of the evidence presented, or have made an error of any kind. I do believe they are also running scared that any of their rulings could be seized upon by militant feminist groups as evidence of sexism, with an unmanageable fallout ensuing. Ditto their superiors (to the extent that they have any), and our politicians.


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